The purpose of this website is to offer free resources and orientation in Christian Classical Education to
families that are homeschooling in the English and Spanish languages.

There is a vast amount of philosophic, practical information and a curriculum for use in homeschooling
environment in the English language, but still very little has been translated into Spanish.  We will translate
these resources as expeditiously as we can, and make them available thru this website.

In the decade of the 70’s, the new homeschooling movement started in United States, at that time there was
very little material available. The first generation of modern homeschooler is sharing their experience and
knowledge producing articles, publications and curriculum to make the labor easier for our generation.  I
am convinced that now is our responsibility to pass that experience and produce new resources in the
Spanish language for the growing movement of Christian Homeschooler in Spain and Latin America.
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