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The “Flash Cards Approach” is one of the latest Approaches to Homeschooling Children. ‎It is based  on  the  idea  that  you
can teach to a child from birth anything you want. The ‎method is to make presentation of large flash cards with  the  desired
material to be taught. ‎Showing same said flash cards in randomized order in very short  sessions,  several  times ‎ during  the
day. This approach does not only guaranty the possibility to teach the children ‎the subjects but also has  the  main  objective
is growth of the child’s brain. (Some of these ‎approaches also offer to teach the child supernatural powers, but  we  will  not
waste time ‎speaking of this.)‎

This is not an official homeschool approach. The same manner that the authors,  ‎institutions  and  the  theories  about  brain
developmental that promotes this approach are ‎not recognized in the Scientific Community. Since the Scientific  Community
also has a ‎change of position often , and because the popularity that this method has won in the  last ‎ years,  I  considered  it
interesting to write my experience and conclusion about this ‎approach.‎

The reading method that includes the flash card approach consist’s in to show the ‎ children  hundreds  of  cards  with  single
words in large print Then, combine these cards to ‎form  sentences and a homemade book. If you show the cards four or  five
days, that is ‎enough to prove that the child has learned to read that word. And if you combine these ‎words, after a couple of
thousand words cards, the baby, will be able to discover the laws ‎behind the language and be able  to  read  any  new  words
present in that language. “For ten ‎thousand word cards you can make your child multilingual, sounds good!”‎

Some of you will say: Of course! Some other will say: Not even in Dreams! But please ‎we can save the argument  to  the  end
of this discussion.‎

‎ It is important to mention that, this reading method success is based in three fundamental ‎rules:‎

‎-‎Believe in that after showing a card not more that 15 seconds, the child can read ‎that word.‎
‎-‎Never test the child, this means never ask the child to read aloud. Never!‎
‎-‎If the child answers wrong to an opportunity to discover  if  he  can  read,  it is  ‎because  the  baby  in  his  infinite  capacity
deliberately choose the wrong answer, ‎the children does not like to be tested, so they choose the answer wrong.‎

That is why I call this Approach, “My son’s teddy bear can read”, because if we apply ‎these three conditions,  every  person,
animal and thing can read.‎

I did thousand of cards, and I must admit my son was able to read in some  moment ‎ homemade  books  and  several  singles
words, but as I was feeding him with more words, ‎he seemed forget the first ones. I was a “believer”  of  the  methods,  so  I
continued an ‎entire year.‎

Then, finally I decided to share my experience in the internet communities  that  follow  the  ‎same  approaches,  and  what  a
surprise: less of three (3) mothers of the hundreds I had met ‎has admitted that their children  has  learn  to  read  (this  mean
deduce new words and be ‎able to  read  anything ) following  exclusively  this  approach.  The  rest  uses  some  kind  of ‎ mix
between the flash cards, phonics, and other educative methods. Also there is a small ‎groups of “believers”, parents that  are
very proud that their four and five years old can ‎read a new book after see thousand of cards words  (if  they  already  know
the words in the ‎books). But we must also admit that any five or six year old is perfectly capable to learn  to  read  ‎in  a  few
months months using a good phonics program, and read aloud! I think you will ‎agree that we will feel a job well done  when
our child can read The Genesis, Pilgrims ‎Progress or Don Quixote.‎

The reading flash card program does not come alone;  there  is  a  complete  math  and ‎ encyclopedic  program  to  help  the
children in the process to become a superb human ‎being.‎

The encyclopedic programs ask the parents to isolate the facts to fill the child’s  brain. ‎ The  baby’s  brain  is  considered  an
empty sack that must be filled of single facts as the ‎first resource of intelligence. This means that if you have a  picture  of  a
Fruit Basket you ‎need to cut each fruit and show it to the child separately. Because if you teach the  child  a  ‎whole  basket’s
picture the child will not learn well what the fruit are.‎

Well, I did it, and this website is the result of all this work. One time, while  I was ‎reading  a  Encyclopedia  of  Art  to  try  to
describe in ten simple sentences “The Arnolfini ‎Marriage” , I  asked  to  my  self:   Will  it  be  more  easy  and  productive  if
Octavio , my three ‎year old son,  read by his self all this information?  I must admit that he has learned many ‎isolated  facts.
I almost cried when in a Museum he recognized a Picture of Van Gogh, but ‎is this knowledge? This will take him to the level
of Wisdom? That is the kind of ‎education I want for my son? No, I do not want training him to compete  in  Jeopardy,  or ‎ to
become the “Human Calculator”. I want that he be able to learn by himself and ‎develop a critical point of  view  to  protect
him from philosophies and ideas foreign to our ‎family principles.‎

Then, I reflected on this issue, and analyzed why this technique does not work?  All  the  ‎ideas  and  techniques  of  the  flash
cards approach sound very nice, so, why doesn’t it ‎work?‎

I think I understand, it is in the foundation of the objectives, and in the way of this ‎approach sees the child develop.‎

In The foundations of the objectives, because this approach pursues to create a superb ‎human being,  but  did not  recognize
in their philosophies as main base the obedience and ‎respect to God. ‎

Prov 2:6‎
For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.‎

And in the way of it sees the children because the humanistic evolution theory it is false ‎so, there is not way to  be  recreated
it in each child during his first year of life. The ‎Human Babies are born Human with a Human  brain,  and  not  with  a  “fish
brain”, “reptile ‎brain”, etc. The only idea to think in a baby as this way is disgusting.‎

Here it is important for me to mention that there are children  with  Brain  Injuries  who’s  ‎parents  are  following  programs
based in flash cards and their philosophies, They are ‎following these programs with devotion, with love,  with  patience  and
they deserve our ‎great respect and admiration. They are following these programs because  it  gives  hope  ‎where  others  do
not give answers, and the hope is a good feeling.‎

To these parents, who this website it is specially dedicated to, I want to tell them that ‎there is  a  Gold Rule,  better  that  any
programs, and it never fail:‎

Matthew 7:7-12‎
‎7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened ‎unto you: 8 For every
one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to  him  ‎that  knocketh  it  shall be  opened.  9 Or
what man is there of you, whom if his son ask ‎bread, will he give him a stone? 10 Or  if he  ask  a  fish, will
he give him a serpent? 11 If ‎ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children,  how  much
more ‎shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him? ‎

But, Are the card and bits good? ‎

Of course they are good, I like it very much and my son loves his bits, I save it very ‎careful and I am happy  when  somebody
share some new presentations to enrich this ‎collection.‎

But it is important to say some conclusions (interview to my self):‎

Q: Was it worthy to make all this bits and cards? ‎

A: Of course Yes, I had met in this process hundreds of wonderful mothers and fathers. ‎Who, in the distance I considered  my
close friends. They all have in common the desire ‎to teach their children and obedience  to  God.   He has  left  only  to  us as
parents the ‎responsibility to educate the children in the His way.‎

Q: Has the programs some negative effect?‎

A: Until now the only possible risk  for the child is the Induced ‎Dyslexic,  there  is  an  report  at  the  end  of  this  document.‎
What I do considered dangerous is that some mothers, we can fall in some  kind  of ‎‎ “program  cult”.  We  leave  to  the side
other activities that also is important, little to little ‎without we notice,  run the  programs  become our style  of  life,  you  see
material to bits ‎until in the Soup, and our conversation and friends etc, moving around that. I know about ‎a case  where  the
mother because can not run the programs as she wishes, fell in  ‎depression,  and  felt  guilty.  Another  was  so  interested  in
preparing material than prefer ‎send the child to sleep than to play with him.‎

Q: Recommend you to following these Programs?‎

It depends, If you will use the material from the internet or if somebody give the cards to  ‎you,  there is a nice  way  to  teach
the child some interesting facts. If you are thinking to ‎prepare the material your self, this will take  you  so  much  time,  that
you will not enjoy ‎teaching your child. You will find many posts on the internet forums about  how  these  ‎programs  brought
many unnecessary stresses to families.‎

Read to the child from fine literature; let him explore the nature,  teaching  him  obedience ‎ at  first  command  will  develop
better qualities in the child. ‎

Perla Sarmiento de Adams